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Rules - Must be Followed!

0. All players MUST sign the VCAG Waiver form. Minors (under 18) MUST have a parent fillout and sign the minor attatchment.

1. Airsoft is a game of honor. Please call your own hits. Do NOT call opposing team players hits.

2. Eye protection MUST be worn at ALL TIMES. Call "Blind man" in the event of the loss of eye protection.

3. Eye protection at this time only requires the ANZI Z87.1 Compliency or better. Full contact eye protection is next step. Eye protection WILL be checked and cleared for EVERYONE before the game starts.

4. No "Knife kills" or any touching of the opposing team players is permitted in battle. (Unless specified by the scenario in which case special rules will apply) Helping or healing a "wounded" player out of the battle is fine.

5. When a hit is taken to the torso or head, the player is a dead man, and must remove themself from the battle.

6. When a hit is taken to a limb, i.e. any hit other then head shots, torso shots, or the "bang, bang" rule, the player must yell "HIT" and either remove themself from the battle as a dead man, OR they may call for a medic. If a medic responds to the scene, they must wrap a bandage around your "wound" to enter you in play again. Any hit while being healing counts, and any further hits after being healed make the player a dead man.

7. Dead men tell no tales, if you are tagged out of the game, you may not communicate to any team where players are, where you were shot from, etc, only to state you are dead. Once dead the player must return to the designated safe zone.

8. When removing yourself from the battle, you must CLEARLY have a hand raised in the air, and you must walk where your team came from. You may re-enter after a pre-defined time has elapsed. The standard respawn distance is 50yards (1/2 a football field, or 150 feet). If a different distance is given by the scenario, go with that.

9. In the event of a CQC scenario, players must call "bang, bang" when in an approximate range of 20ft. or less. Yelling "bang bang" counts as a hit. In the event of a "bang bang" tie, both players must turn around and walk away. Bang Bang may only be applied when within direct Line of Sight.

10. Grenades will be clearly defined at each scenario (no sock bombs). The kill radius for a grenade is 10ft.

11. FPS limit is set to 400 for automatics, over 450 is classified as a sniper rifle and may not be fired in full auto. Semi auto or bolt action only. Sniper rifle engagement is set to a minimum of 50 feet.

12. Communications and channels will be setup before game start. If you wish to use radio communication, please consult a VCAG admin before line up so we can assign you a clear channel.

13. Cheating doesn't make you look cool. While we cannot prevent you from cheating, you can be guaranteed that cheaters will be asked to leave the game, and will not be invited back to play again. We are watching.

14. Stealing, fighting, and breaking the law will result in VCAG calling the police.

15. No firing within 50 feet of the equipment / safe zone. First offense results in a warning, second results in removal from game. This may warrant forfeit of campaign ribbon if removed from a campaign mission.

16. Have fun! Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again.




We are trying out a new game type! Check out the details on the forums!


This is a Non-Airsoft game.

Castaistan Grand Opening!

Humans vs Zombies!!!

Humans vs Zombies is being hosted in Camarillo for the 3rd straight year. Arctic Phoenix will be attending, I hope the other teams can make it out too. The last two games, over 100 people attended to play, so lets come out and make it great.

But what is Humans vs Zombies?
The basic gist of it is, you start with a single zombie. This zombie has to tag the humans to infect them, thus creating an army of zombies as the humans numbers get smaller. The humans have "missions", just fun objectives for them to complete, like reaching a certain building or area, transporting something very heavy, escorting a person and ensuring they don't become infected, or staying in a certain area for a time period. These are just a few examples, and each day the humans have to complete their given missions. During the course of the game, the zombies have to tag a human every 48 hours to survive. If they go more then 48 hours without tagging a human, then they "starve" and are out of the game. The zombies win by infecting everyone, the humans win by starving out the zombies. There are also safe zones, so you can rest in certain places. The humans can defend themselves with Nerf guns, or sock bundles, which freezes a zombie for 5 minutes where they can't do anything. We plan on buying a bunch of cheap pairs of socks so you don't have to waste your own. It started becoming popular across some colleges in the country, some games lasting over a week with over 1000 students playing at a time. If anything, give it a shot once.

Show up Ventura county that you guys are the baddest sons of bitches that airsoft has ever spawned by living them out.

Here is a link to the Facebook event:


Here's the official website:


And if you've got the time, watch this video. Its well worth it to understand the game and see how its played:



Happy 4th of July!

We hope you enjoy your 4th of July! Just don't blow your arm off!! 

On another note.. be sure to check the forums! We are having games weekly now! Hope to see you on the field!

Airsoft OP this weekend!

Dont forget! This weekend is the VCAG hosted event! Its a full day event, including night games! Be sure to have all your gear ready. For information check here. Be sure to read through the entire topic as there's more info than just the first post. If you cannot view the topic, you must first register.

Hope to see you there!

June 5th Game!

Next game time is official! Saturday June 5th at 10AM down in the river bed. Please try to be there before 10. We will start the game without you. It will be in the river bottom at the usual place. Don't know where? Click Here to check out the Map of the area. Also, everyone needs to sign this waiver. If you are under 18, remember that your parents NEED to sign the waiver as well. If you have not signed a waiver and are over 18, you can sign one there. This is the last game before the campout, so let's make it a good one! See you all there!

 - The Fist Squad Leader Casas

Welcome Chris Nichols to The Fist!

After working hard to prove himself worthy, I, David Casas, leader of The Fist (Assault Squad) have deemed Chris Nichols worthy of joining my squad. So from now on, Chris Nichols shall be part of The Fist. For now, squads have not been used too much, but soon they will become a vital part of Arctic Phoenix. Welcome to The Fist man!

Dont Forget!

The next game is may 22nd! That's just a few days away, so make sure you got all your gear together! Make SURE you charge your batteries; this seems to be an issue with a lot of players...
And please make sure you bring water, at least for yourself! And lastly, make sure you have a waiver if you haven't signed one yet; this is vital to play with the team. (NOTE: This is only for members of VCAG and guests of VCAG. We are not responsible for non-VCAG members)

New Site Layout!

A new site layout has been uploaded.
The new color scheme is designed to match with Arctic Phoenix and go easy on the eyes.
This also rearranged some key parts of the site.
Take a look and let us know what you think!
Please note, the Rules have been updated.

Campout Announced!

The VCAG hosted camp-out dates have been announced!
June 19-20
This is going to be held in Ojai. It will be an overnight event so make sure you get both days clear and minors get permission from your parents.
Waivers ARE required for this event, so if you have not yet signed one, get one to us as soon as possible.
Make sure you get on the forums and register for the event!

Site update

Unfortunately due to a database error, the news section of the site disappeared.
However, a new feature was implemented so news will be coming back.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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